On Gender Diversity

Did you know that when a corporate culture invests specifically in gender diversity, it can close a woman’s ambition gap and increase the number of women seeking job promotion?

Women have as much career aspirations as men do, but only 69 percent of senior women say they’ll reach the C-suite, as opposed to 86 percent of their male peers. Favorable cultural factors are significant considerations that can support or inhibit women’s advancement in the workplace. 

While free lunches, game rooms, after-work happy hours, and yoga-at-work are great perks, investing resources into creating a more gender balanced culture across organizations will have longer-lasting effects that will reap greater benefits for your company.

Shifting culture is no easy task, by any means. But remember, all of us learned how to crawl first before walking.

Educate yourself about gender diversity. There is numerous research out there on gender diversity. Here are some of our favorite articles about it from HBR, Forbes, and McKinsey.

Take a look internally. Introspection is good. Look at how your company is doing as it pertains to gender diversity. Start by measuring gender diversity through the following: pay, recruitment, retention, advancement, and representation

Awareness is key. Check your own thoughts and biases. And yes, doing this all the time can be hard, exhausting even. But just like a muscle, you can learn how to flex it. Learn about "cognitive diversity," and be open to the unique perspectives that people bring to the table.

Overcoming gender diversity is a huge undertaking. Companies need to be proactive in investing and owning their diversity agenda, treating it as a true business priority. Individuals also need to be proactive, striving to learn more about what they can do to close this gap.