“Extremely inspiring.”

Tet Salva, the Founder of MomWarrior spoke at the Intuit Women Network event on 2018 International Women’s Day. She brought her talented team to provide personal advice and group workshops to help us think about how to balance between career and family. Her fireside chat was extremely inspiring and her team provided insightful tips for our network members. Thank you for being an advocate for this difficult challenge, especially for the parents in the crowd. We hope other companies and employee networks can also get an opportunity to work closely with MomWarrior to experience your insights and guidance.

— Yi Ng, Intuit Women Network Bay Area Chair

“The good fight.”

As a longtime working mom, I was delighted to be part of the “good fight,” confronting the issues facing working mothers. It’s still a challenge to have a great career and be a great mom, but the conference reminded me how worthwhile it can be! I was inspired by the stories of the other working mothers, and excited to be starting a new business that will give me more flexibility for family time. Thank you, Tet, for hosting such a terrific conference! I hope you will do more.  

— Susan Safipour, Former Editor-in-Chief of Diablo Magazine


Women at the conference — both speakers and participants — said that although the movement to achieve balance and find energy for work-family lifestyles will require girls and women to join and mentor each other, boys and men play a role.

East Bay Times, Sept 2017


“I am not alone.”

As a working parent juggling multiple shifts, I found this conference invaluable. The event became a friendly reminder that I am not alone, I picked up new tips and tricks, and in the process I was able to expand my network. As an advocate of women advancement in Corporate America, MomWarrior provides a platform to learn and support each other. Definitely should be on your planner to attend.

— Sandra Lopez, VP, Intel

“Thoughtfully crafted.”

MomWarrior™ was an inspiring and inclusive event. It helped me broaden my thinking - because even though I’m not a mom - I have a mom, I hire moms, and some of my customers are moms! The conference was very thoughtfully crafted that encouraged all attendees to appreciate the collective power of a diverse community.

— Steven Huang, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Culture Amp


“Diving-deep into complexities involved in modern-day parenthood.”

It was a pleasure to share the stage at MomWarrior with such smart, inspiring speakers. MomWarrior sets itself apart from other conferences by diving deep into complexities involved in modern-day parenthood, and I found the talks thought-provoking and engaging. Tet, keep up the great work!

— Katrina Alcorn, Author of “Maxed Out”


“Tackles issues more relevant to one of the unspoken heroes of the modern era - moms.”

I had the privilege to keynote two MomWarrior events, one in the Bay Area and one in Los Angeles. MomWarrior is a unique conference that tackles issues more relevant to one of the unspoken heroes of the modern era...Moms. It was one of the few events where we all found it incredibly empowering to be among women going through motherhood together. I love MomWarrior!

— Jill Salzman, Founder of The Founding Moms

“I can't wait to return for another event!”

The MomWarrior 2017 conference in Los Angeles was a warm, welcoming group of BOSSES—women at different points in their parenthood and work journeys, discussing their ambitions, the obstacles they encounter, and how best to lift one another up. As a speaker and an audience member, I heard a wonderful range of perspectives, and I made both work contacts and friends. I can't wait to return for another event!

— Elizabeth Wallace, co-author of The Ambition Decisions


“I left with greater empathy.”

What an amazing learning experience. I am committed to the idea of constantly growing and understanding what it means to be an ally. I witnessed vulnerability, expertise, passion and community. Through those lenses, I gained insight into the challenges of working parents face. I left with greater empathy, which I believe is a building block for inclusion. Most importantly, I felt empowered to weave these learnings into how I advocate for others and how I continue my own work with diversity and inclusion.

— Corey Ponder, Founder & Empathy Practitioner, em|PACT Strategies & Policy Advisor, Google


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