"It takes a village," the old saying goes. In this modern era, an innovative and more focused approach is needed to support the modern mom. Confronted with the urgent problem of female talent retention, the continued underrepresentation of women at every level in corporate America, and with the United States as having the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world, many companies are now looking at more effective solutions to better support the women in the workplace who are transitioning into motherhood.

MomWarrior has supported over 1000+ women and men (and counting) and have continued partnerships with the most influential companies to help solve these issues through community-building and a space for open dialogue.

We seek to continue to spark change - in the US and globally - affecting modern momhood: the maternal wall, motherhood bias, child penalty, parental policies and programs, identity after parenthood, ambition, purpose, and work/life integration, to name a few.


"Plenty of women have 'leaned in' for all they're worth, but still run up against insuperable obstacles created by the combination of unpredictable life circumstances and the rigid inflexibilities of our workplaces, the lack of public infrastructure of care, and cultural attitudes that devalue them the minute they step out, or even just 'lean back' from the workforce. If we can adopt policies and practices that support and advance women at every level of our society, we will make things better for everybody."

- Anne-Marie Slaughter, Unfinished Business