We often talk about the “glass ceiling,” but too often avoid the conversation around the challenges women and mothers face in the workplace, or the “maternal wall." The Maternal Wall is one of the more prevalent biases in our society, stemming from stereotypes that link women with the lack of competence and commitment once they have children. It has been found that mothers are 79% less likely to be hired; 50% less likely to be promoted; make 20% less in salary for the same position; and held to higher performance standards than their peers.

It is time to disrupt these paradigms, shift mindset, and architect innovative solutions to better support our modern moms. 

This day-long event explores the way ambition, success, and purpose are redefined after parenthood, how we can engage men to be our biggest allies to help us break through the maternal wall, and what we can do to begin tackling this bias within ourselves, within our organizations, and the society at large - so we can thrive in our careers, at home, and beyond.

Who should come?

Executives, people managers, culture ambassadors, influencers, and change-makers in organizations who want to:

  • Disrupt archaic paradigms and take down barriers to better support working moms;
  • Learn tactics on how to take action and be a catalyst for change;
  • Get involved in the diversity & inclusion conversation, with the lens on advancing women and working mothers so they thrive in their careers, at home and beyond.

Women passionate about helping other women advance in their careers and in life so we can all thrive - together.

Men who stand as allies to the advancement of women in the workplace, who want to be partners in moving the needle as it pertains to working parents.


Why Attend MomWarrior?

MomWarrior is a unique event: we bring together influencers, thought-leaders and change-makers to build community and empower you to take action. As a platform for social change, we want to support the advancement of women - working moms - so they can thrive. 

You will leave this conference energized, feeling supported, and motivated.

You will connect with other like-minded people in this journey of transformational change. This is your tribe.

You will hear inspiring stories and tactics on how to become a catalyst for change for the working parents in your organization.

You will gain insight from the lens of working mothers and why intersectionality matters equally in the workplace.



(speakers will continue to be added as we get closer to the conference)


PANEL #1 - The Ambition Decisions: What Women Know about Work, Family, and the Path to Building a Life

Over the last sixty years, women's lives have transformed radically from generation to generation. Without a template to follow--a way to peek into the future to catch a glimpse of what leaving this job or marrying that person might mean to us decades from now--women make important decisions blindly, groping for a way forward, winging it, and hoping it all works out. 

We talk to journalists and co-authors Elizabeth Wallace and Hana Schank on their research and new book, The Ambition Decisions, where they tracked down their classmates and, over several hundred hours of interviews, gathered and mapped data about real women's lives that has been missing from our conversations about women and the workplace. 

KEYNOTE: AARON HURST, Founder of Taproot Foundation, CEO of Imperative

PANEL #2 - Reinventing the Structure of Our Workforce

Should we stop looking at the current roster of female leaders for guidance on achieving leadership roles? There is a notion that these women who have climbed up the ranks have done so under the paradigm of a male-dominated world. Is it time to completely start from scratch and redefine the needs and preferences of the workforce in terms of “all” - meaning, both genders, as well as for working moms and dads? Diversity and equality are contributors to a company’s success - people love fair and purpose-driven companies; diverse teams are key to high-performing teams. How do we begin shifting this old paradigm? 

PANEL #3 - Leading with Authenticity and Empathy: Bridging the Gap Between Working Parents and Non-parent Managers

The workforce is evolving. More companies are now expanding their parental benefits and reassessing programs to cater to a more diverse and inclusive workforce. But, as leaders in an organization who manages people, there is another layer that is often not addressed: the managing of women - and men - who are already or are expecting parents.  As a manager, you play an important role in supporting and empowering parents to reach their full potential and optimally contribute to the success of your team and the company. So what can managers and leaders do to support their working parents so they can thrive at work, at home and beyond?. In this panel, you will hear strategies, perspectives and opportunities on how you can create more productive, cohesive, and efficient purpose-driven teams. 

FIRESIDE CHAT: Men as Allies

Women still remain underrepresented in leadership roles and they are still paid less then men in the workplace. Women with children get even less pay and are seldom promoted to senior roles; however, there is enough research that shows a diverse and inclusive workforce improves organizational performance. There has been great momentum in the women's movement - but we can't leave the men out of this important conversation. Real equality can only come if we stop imposing traditional gender roles for both women and men. Men play a critical role in the success and progress of women. We talk to highly influential men and women who share their insights into our current social culture and share their learnings to the path of gender partnership and inclusion. 

PANEL #4: Moving into Action: Breaking Through the Maternal Wall

81% of women in America have children by the time they’re forty-four years old, yet too often the adverse economic impact of motherhood is hidden and ignored. It’s time to talk about the fact that our labor force is now 50% women for the first time in history, that three-quarters of moms are now in the labor force (and half are primary breadwinners for their families), and yet our public policies and company programs haven’t caught up with what modern women need now. After all, when women and moms succeed, our nation–including our national economy– succeed. 

Motherhood is now a greater predictor of inequality than gender in the United States. How do we overcome the “maternal wall” and this bias so moms are seen as competent, reliable, and key assets to the organization, instead of a liabilities?

KEYNOTE Q &A (surprise guest you won't want to miss!)


2017 MomWarrior Conferences: SF Bay Area and Los Angeles