Our Impact by 2021


Moms supported 


Companies offering MomWarrior as a benefit to their employees  


Employees educated on how to support their peers & colleagues with life transitions 


Enough research has found that we are a stressed society. And the fact that the Unites States has, by far, the highest maternity mortality rate in the developed world - is incredibly astounding. Over the last 15 years, it is the only developed country whose maternal mortality rate has dramatically increased. As the report from ProPublica mentions, “We do not give women information for them to manage their health postpartum. The focus had always been on the babies and not on mothers.”

MomWarrior, more than anything, is about women and mothers with different visions but converging paths. We all experience the same spoken and unspoken challenges: identity, career and ambition, "child penalty," integration and balance, post partum self-care, and so on. 

We exist to support the whole mother.

We tirelessly work to build the support network for the modern mom, so they are able to thrive and succeed. We tirelessly work with companies at a systemic level to come up with more innovative ways to better support the women in the workplace transitioning into motherhood and back to work - so both parties thrive and succeed.

We are MomWarrior.

“Welcome those big, sticky, complicated problems. In them are your most powerful opportunities.” 

- Ralph Marston -