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MomWarrior @ Pandora

The Spoken and Unspoken Challenges of Parenthood

Being a parent in this modern era has gotten complex - rather than ignoring these major life shifts, MomWarrior creates the space to spark change through open dialogue. This Pandora-hosted MomWarrior event will spark discussion around The Spoken and Unspoken Challenges of Parenthood. We will explore the "maternal wall" that women face, the opportunity to educate supervisors and managers about the challenges that working parents face in the workplace, and discuss ways on how we can become allies for each other.

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MomWarrior™ Los Angeles
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MomWarrior™ Los Angeles

“Walk through any human story and you will find a mom. She may or may not always be a hero. She will always be a warrior.”

This is for you, momwarrior. This is for us: the relentless ones, the tired, sleep-deprived ones, the ones who sacrificed career, the ones who are balancing career and family, and the ones who have questioned their identity. And yet here we all are, forging ahead, continuing to march into battle.  

Here's to the warrior in all of us.



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