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The way we do our work is changing rapidly. The workplace is becoming even more sophisticated and the needs of the modern workforce continues to evolve. The good news is, a growing number of companies are starting to "get it" and are looking for new ways to better support their working moms (and dads): providing more flexibility, subsidized childcare, and better parental leave. But we still have a lot of work to do. The advancement of women means breaking free of a new set of stereotypes and assumptions - and not just for women, but for men, too. 


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What will truly create change?

We've found in our research that a trifecta effect is needed to move the needle.


Case Study #1:

At the vanguard of the battle for female talent, Google launched an experiment in 2007 to see if going above and beyond on maternity leave benefits would affect their bottom line. The impact was astonishing. By raising their 12 weeks of paid maternity leave to 18 weeks, Google found that the rate at which new moms left the company dropped by a full 50%. With the replacement costs for a single senior employee estimated at $40,000+ (and much higher for very senior personnel), and the costs of replacing even a mid-level employee around $24,000, the dollar impact on Google’s bottom line from boosting retention was sizeable. (Incidentally, the firm also reported savings from increasing their paternity leave policy.) Simultaneously, Google reported increased employee satisfaction.


Case Study #2

The large investment bank not only affords female employees with 16 weeks of paid maternity leave and flexible working arrangements, but also provides on-site backup childcare at its New York and New Jersey offices, as well as access to in-home providers for ill children or elderly family members. Goldman also provides expecting mothers a range of services including weekly counseling calls, on-site lactation rooms, 24-hour access to lactation consultants and a maternity mentoring program.

A paradigm shift needs to happen. MomWarrior will work with you to create innovative support systems for working moms, addressing the significant challenges they face and explore opportunities to bridge the gap that women face after after having children. When companies become great companies for women, they become great places to work for all.

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Case study source: The Maven Clinic, 2017.