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A Chan-Zuckerberg Institute + MomWarrior Free Community Event

Broadening the Women's Movement: We need the men!

Women still remain underrepresented in leadership roles and they are still paid less then men in the workplace. Women with children get even less pay and are seldom promoted to senior roles; however, there is enough research that shows a diverse and inclusive workforce improves organizational performance. There has been great momentum in the women's movement - but we can't leave the men out of this important conversation. Real equality can only come if we stop imposing traditional gender roles for both women and men. Men play a critical role in the success and progress of women. We need to move from identifying the problem to actively solving it. But we cannot leave the men behind. They can be our biggest allies.

Join us for an evening of meaningful dialogue, good food, and beverages as we delve into these burning questions.

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