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Pandora + MomWarrior Community Event

The workplace is becoming more sophisticated and the needs of the modern parent continues to evolve. New parents––both men and women––face new challenges of juggling responsibilities at work and at home.

  • What are the spoken and unspoken challenges that moms and dads face in the workplace?

  • How do you break through the bias around being a "working mom" (motherhood bias)? How do you break through the bias of being a dad who wants to be an engaged parent (asking for flexible time or not taking a promotion to be with the family)?

  • As a manager or supervisor, how do you lead with empathy to support working moms and dads so they are able to thrive both at work and at home? How can you leverage your position and your influence to unleash the potential of parent leaders? 

MomWarrior and Pandora are excited to spark meaningful conversation around these modern day challenges and how to bridge these gaps.