MomWarrior Stories: An Intro

It takes a village; at least that’s the old saying. In this modern era, it takes a more focused attention from many different angles to create an exceptional support experience for the working mother and her sphere of influence.

Mothers (and fathers) face new challenges with each addition to the family: juggling work, new responsibilities at home, and navigating a new sense of self. There’s information overload about how to parent the “right” way, which leaves parents in a place where they question their own instincts and often saying, “what should I do?”  Rather than saying “what I am I good at and how can I use that to do what works for my family and my career?” Understanding what intrinsically drives and motivates you can be the key to navigating this journey; it is in life transitions - such as parenthood - that can awaken us to who we are and our purpose. 

For the last five months, MomWarrior conducted 100 interviews with working moms and dads about the alignment of purpose at work and at home. We talked with parents of infants and parents of adult children; parents of teenagers and kindergarteners; parents of boys and girls; parents who adopted and parents who  went through fertility treatments; parents who were interracial and gay; single parents and divorced parents; parents who kept on their career path and parents who have founded their own companies. The dynamism and variety of the stories and experiences were incredibly inspiring - and humbling. 

Here’s the thing: every single parent we talked to was on a constant evolving journey to find their purpose. It didn’t matter if they were wealthy or living pay check to pay check, entry level or executive, entrepreneur or career staffer, the challenges and successes all struck a similar chord: “How do I integrate my professional identity with my identity of being a parent?” In short, “how do I find my purpose and lead the happiest, most fulfilling life possible?” 

The personal stories, in all their infinite variety, only proves that purpose is universal. And sharing these personal stories are what connect us all to each other––because any parent can see a little bit (or a lot) of themselves in them.

MomWarrior is a purpose-driven organization dedicated to supporting women transitioning into motherhood and back into the workplace. We create the space to spark change through open dialogue, shifting the paradigm towards more innovative support systems so they are able to thrive at work and beyond.