MomWarrior: July 2017


Walk through any human story and you will find a mom. She may or may not always be a hero.  She will always be a warrior.

Face it: birthing, adopting or parenting a child requires courage, fierce devotion, smart allocation of resources, generosity, psychological fortitude, physical strength, financial power, diplomacy, sacrifice—and a host of other admirable traits.

Even so, once into the fray, it’s no wonder that moms say they feel like a jumble of parts: meal-maker, academic counselor, bread-winner, social media manager, disciplinarian, love and bandaid dispenser and more.

Most moms crave wholeness. And a community in which they are safe to fall apart or supported to stand firm or proud to take the lead, gather the troops, go back into battle.

Tet Salva founded MomWarriors to create a place where mothers are whole people. Being whole includes the best and the mess. The heroic and the hurt. The happy and the “how am I going to get through the next 10 seconds, let alone a lifetime of momhood?”

As a mother of four girls with a deep background in the retail and hi-tech industries who is a socially conscious global citizen of the world, Salva occupies an intersection that is uniquely a woman’s: a mom-preneurial crossing, you could say. There, career aspiration and marketplace reality, personal fulfillment and family balance, parental joy and challenge, the raising of future feminists who are both female and male—girls and boys, daughters and sons—and deliberate or unconscious societal bias, meet and collide.

Discouraging…until Salva, listening to other moms, realized she had found her tribe. Perceiving community, she recruited moms to join her as expert panelists and speakers at the first MomWarrior one-day convention held in May 2017 in San Ramon, California.

Attendees heard about and discussed topics including entrepreneurial start-ups, balancing passion and momhood, designing your life and identity as a woman and mother, gender equity, motherhood bias, can women really “have it all,” and more.

Tracy Kennedy, a mom in Los Angeles, learned about the conference and did what moms do: she became a warrior. One email to Salva about bringing the conference to LA and the two women were a mini-brigade. The result? MomWarrior is coming to the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica on Friday, September 15, 2017.

Salva says, “MomWarrior is a place of strength and authenticity. The conference is a platform illustrating that to be career-oriented or family-focused or both, women don’t have to be selfless. It’s an event where they get connected, find resources that raise women up.” Career is one branch, heart and home is another, she adds. A woman’s grit is found in her roots and nurtured in terrain that feeds her soul.

Which means that MomWarrior is where women are authentic, already whole and on the move.

Come join us. We are warriors, just like you.

(This article was written by Lou Fancher, July 2017)