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Raising Socially Aware Kids

As the mother of two sons, I feel a pressing responsibility to model strong womanhood, to help my boys develop empathy, to empower them to see beyond their white privilege and to leverage their privilege to help others, and to remind them that the world is complex and powerful in its diversity. 

(photo credits: @timmarshall)


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Tet Salva
The Ambition Question

Suddenly, I experienced one of the toughest downfalls. Chasing the “balanced life” became a hot topic around our household. I felt the life I’d built for myself, my family and my colleagues was crashing down all around me. 

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Tet Salva Comment
MomWarrior: July 2017

Walk through any human story and you will find a mom. She may or may not always be a hero.  She will always be a warrior.

Face it: birthing, adopting or parenting a child requires courage, fierce devotion, smart allocation of resources, generosity, psychological fortitude, physical strength, financial power, diplomacy, sacrifice—and a host of other admirable traits.

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