A warrior is defined as someone who is fearless; someone who possesses strength, wisdom, and grit. 

You and I know people who are like this. But perhaps we are the warriors. After all, motherhood leaves us with battle scars. This journey into mom hood is not easy terrain. It leaves us pondering whether what we are doing is enough. Whether we are raising our kids right. It leaves us questioning our identity, our values, our "now." 

MomWarrior™ is for you. This is for us: the relentless ones, the tired, sleep-deprived ones, and the ones who have felt like giving up, yet continue to march into battle. 

I hope you come join us at our MomWarrior events. It is a place for empowerment, connection, and shared purpose. 

Here's to the warriors in all of us.


Tet Salva

Founder, MomWarrior™