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Support. Empower. Thrive.

A modern movement for the modern mom. 


Our Mission

MomWarrior™ is a purpose-driven organization dedicated to the mothers of today who are raising the next generation of innovators and visionaries. 

We support women as they transition into motherhood so they are able to thrive in their career and beyond.


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Our Impact

"It takes a village," the old saying goes. In this era, an innovative and more focused approach is needed to support the modern mom. Confronted with the urgent problem of female talent retention, the continued underrepresentation of women at every level in corporate America, and with the United States as having the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world, many companies are now looking at more effective solutions to better support the women in the workplace who are transitioning into motherhood.

We've supported over 350 women (and counting) and have continued partnerships with the most influential companies to help solve these issues.

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acknowledge that being a working mom has made it more difficult to advance in their career


$12 T

overall economic gains, as well as sizeable company-level productivity gains attained by closing the gender gap according to a mckinsey 2017 report on women in the workplace 



Disparity in women's wages due to having children, also known as the "Child penalty"



Sanity at your fingertips.

Being a parent is hard. Discovering its contradictions and understanding them is life in perpetual motion. And sometimes, you just need extra support to figure things out. 

Coaching proves to be a highly effective way to support women as they go through life transitions, such as motherhood. Questions around identity, self-care, ambition and work-life integration become paramount. Coaching is also a great place to get unbiased support: your newborn is not sleeping, your toddler is going through separation anxiety, when your elementary kids are transitioning into middle school, or when your teenager is starting to distance themselves from you.

Our coaches and specialists are experienced, licensed therapists, and psychologists. They are also trained in various coaching specialities: life, parenting, executive/leadership, and career coaching.

The MomWarrior village is here to help you.


1:1 COACHING - Per session

  • One 50-minute session with our trained and licensed coaches & specialists
  • Personalized
  • Video or phone call
  • Billed per session
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1:1 Coaching - Twice a month

  • Two 50-minute sessions a month with our trained and licensed coaches & specialists
  • Personalized
  • Video or phone call
  • Billed monthly
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1:1 coaching - four times a month

  • Four 50-minute sessions with our trained and licensed coaches & specialists
  • Personalized
  • Video or phone call
  • Billed monthly

For Companies

The obstacles women face when they transition back to work are steep, but they are not unconquerable. When organizations become great companies for women, they become great companies for all.

MomWarrior plays a key role at the convergence point of Talent Retention, Diversity & Inclusion, Company Policies, and Well-being.


Our Team

We are a purpose-driven team passionate about tackling big issues. 


Tet Salva, FOUNder & ceo

Tet's professional experience spans over a decade as an executive advisor and organizational change leader to some of the biggest and influential companies in advertising, hi-tech, utilities, consumer goods, energy, and retail industries (Chevron, PG&E,  Cisco Systems, VMware, Publicis Media, Accenture, and Torani to name a few). Passionate about the advancement of women, coupled with her professional experience in transformational change in shifting culture, mindset, and behavior, Tet is now applying this work to help organizations, teams, and individuals create paradigm shifts towards more innovative support systems for working moms, addressing the significant gaps they face in the workplace.

Her most important job is raising four girl warriors ranging from the ages of 12 - 3 years old. They give her inspiration each day to do this important work. Tet's hope is to create the infrastructure for her girls and other young women so they benefit from a society that fully supports them so they thrive personally and professionally.

Her Superpower: Conjurer of the inner warrior 



kristi RIBLE scobie, Head of growth & strategy

Kristi Rible Scobie is a social entrepreneur, ideator, and cultural strategist. Following a nearly two-decade career as a global leader in international marketing and growth strategy for both public and startup ventures, Kristi opted out of the traditional work environment to pursue more purpose-driven work. Having lived in Africa and Latin America and having led cross-cultural teams in those regions as well as within Europe and Asia she is an expert at shifting the culture of organizations from a regional mindset into an organization that is truly global and culturally literate.

She is currently raising two young daughters, focused on laying the groundwork for their future so that they have the foundation to become strong and independent, involved and open-minded, kind and generous.

Her Superpower: Destroyer of old paradigms


jared karol, Director of purpose & engagement

Jared works at the intersection of storytelling, purpose, and inclusion. After 12 years in education, the last five teaching a social justice curriculum to middle school humanities students, he ventured into the world of startup tech to gain valuable business and communications skills. He started his own company helping entrepreneurs and corporate leaders discover their purpose, own their authentic narrative, and share compelling stories that change their communities for the better.

Jared has nine year old boy-girl twins who inspire and motivate him every day to leave a positive social impact.

His Superpower: Connecting people to their purpose and each other


nicole o'connor, Program & solutions architect

Nicole is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 10 years. She has built a robust private practice working with families, couples, and individuals in the early stages of parenthood. She also spent 11 years in the marketing and advertising industry working with brands such as AT&T Wireless, Gallo Wines, Comcast Cable Networks, and CNET.

Nicole is a mom to two boys and is a champion for working parents and integration of their careers with self-care and family-life.

Her Superpower: Builder of powerful tribes

Our coaches & specialists bench

MomWarrior coaches and specialists are experienced licensed therapists and psychologists. They are also trained in various coaching specialities: life, parenting, executive/leadership and career coaching. 

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july 2017

Walk through any human story and you will find a mother. She may or may not always be a hero. She will always be a warrior.

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Does our mission resonate with you? Are you looking for purposeful work helping women and parents? Do you want to make a difference? Then we need you!



We are looking for coaches, therapists, and psychologists who have experience in:

  • Career Coaching
  • Parent & Family Coaching
  • Purpose Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching


Our consultants are important allies for organizations that want to invest in change and transformation. We are looking for individuals who have worked in a variety of fields, in varying capacities: 

  • Program & Engagement Lead
  • Research Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Project Implementation
  • Change Management
  • Learning & Development 
  • Training

Work With Us

PRO-BONO for purpose

Share your skills and make a difference your way. We are looking for individuals who have the skills and talent to spark change:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Development (monthly newsletter creation, blog posts)
  • Research (data analysis, focus group coordination, data synthesis)
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